Saint Eufémia Chapel

Capela de Santa Eufémia

Gary White

On the hillside above São Pedro de Penaferrim is a chapel dedicated to Santa Eufémia

“At the top of the hill is a small chapel that once was a popular pilgrimage site. Legend says that the apparition of Santa Eufémia appeared there. Proof can be seen in the supposed stone impression of her footprint, visible in the bedrock in a niche in the exterior north wall of the chapel. A curative spring is located nearby. Neolithic, Bronze-Age, and Roman remains discovered at the site are evidence of the lengthy sacredness of the place. After all, fresh water is always important, and water with healing properties even more so.” —Elyn

On the hillside above São Pedro de Penaferrim is a chapel dedicated to Santa Eufémia. She was a virgin martyred in Chalcedon in 307 by Diocletian. Santa Eufémia is the patroness of diseases of the body, mainly scabies, liver, and ulcerations. The miraculous power of Santa Eufémia—or at least the strength of devotion to her—is demonstrated by the large collection of wax ex-votos* displayed in the chapel’s vestry. Some of them are very old. Downhill from the chapel is a bathhouse associated with the healing spring, and uphill is a miradouro (overview) marked by a high cross.

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Penedo is considered one of the most traditional villages—if not the most traditional—in Sintra.

Saint Mammes Chapel

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